How to Make Your Reader Throw Your Book Across the Room

I think it’s safe to generalize here and say that every writer wants their reader to be drawn into, and stay in, the story they’ve written. We study the craft, whether by reading other writers’ work or taking courses or both, and we invest buckets of sweat into our stories, all with the goal of(…)


Today’s Review: The Novel Writing Intensive

Eleven other writers and I participated in the Novel Writing Intensive on Whidbey Island in mid-October. This three and a half day retreat combines seminars, focused critiques and one-on-one consultations. The seminars and critiques were led by well-known authors Steven James and Robert Dugoni. Participants were also offered consultations with the authors and with Pam(…)


Welcome to my waystation on the blog hop

Two weeks ago Kristina Stanley, a fellow finalist for the Crime Writers of Canada’s Unhanged Arthur award, added me to the writers who are participating in a fun blog hop. In this version of the hop, we answer four questions about our writing. So here goes: What am I working on? Two things: First, I’m(…)


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