Today’s Review: The Last of the Blacksmiths, by Claire Gebben

The Last of the Blacksmiths is a historical novel, inspired by a story of one of the author’s ancestors. It transports you to 19th century Germany and America, as you follow Michael Harm, a farmer’s son who is cursed, or blessed, with wanderlust, and longs for more than a life of plowing and planting fields(…)


Today’s Review: The Art of Character, by David Corbett

Like most writers, I have several books in my bookshelves on craft. In truth, more than several books – at last count the number was north of fifty. David Corbett’s recent book, The Art of Character, is hanging out, not on the shelves with the others, but on my desk, an easy grab-distance away. Why?(…)


About the writer’s fear of public speaking…

Let me tell you about Newt, a shy young man in Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove. Newt adores Lorena, one of the saloon women. The narrator says Newt “was painfully aware that if the chance for personal speech ever did arise he would have no idea what to say. On the rare occasions when he had(…)


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