Celebrating Literary Citizens

I’ve been thinking about literary citizenship the last while. Probably because I recently spent ten days on Whidbey Island, hobnobbing with writer buddies, sitting in on the afternoon Profession of Writing sessions that are so popular during the NILA residency, celebrating with the seven graduates who received their MFA degree on August 10th, and marveling(…)


Five Reasons I Love the Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference

I am addicted to St. Honoré Cake, a delectable combination of puff pastry, rich custard, cream puffs, caramelized sugar and whipped cream. It’s not a dessert that can be slapped together; it takes the skilled hands of a pastry chef who knows how to combine quality ingredients “just so.” And one who knows how to(…)


Characterization, Part I: Blue hair and cowboy boots

There was a time when blue hair was the signature of many women in my hometown. Their hairdressers (the term “hair stylist” was not yet au courant) used a special rinse on graying hair – the rinse neutralized the yellow tones of gray hair, but left a definite blue or violet tinge behind. If you(…)


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