Write what you know, they say. I interpret that to mean “write what you love to read.” And for me that’s mysteries and suspense. So far so good – I’ve written the first of a series set near Donner Lake, California, as well as the first of a detective series set in the British Columbia mountains near the U.S. border. The second novel in the detective series is outlined and underway, while the idea for the second of the Donner Lake series is still simmering in the back of my brain.

Concrete Becomes Her, the first Donner Lake mystery, is set in a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and features a journalist who finds herself the prime suspect in a sensational murder.

neon flame - how's that for a colour!

neon flame – how’s that for a colour!



Shoes like these have a starring role in the novel.



More about Concrete Becomes Her here.


Where's the rest? Hey, we're lucky Doofus let us take a picture of his tail

Where’s the rest? Hey, we’re lucky Doofus let us take a picture of his tail

The detective series revolves around the fictional mountain town of Cheakamus, British Columbia and features Desert Sun Gabrieli (let’s call him Gabe, everyone does) –  a former high-flying Alberta lawyer whose assets are now reduced to an F150 and an ornery tomcat. In the first novel (The Snow Job) Gabe unwillingly finds himself in Cheakamus, and tells himself it’s a temporary situation. While he’s living that illusion, he investigates a recent crime wave. The second novel takes Gabe on a road trip to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

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