The Stand Alone

My stand-alone mystery features Grace, a reporter for the local newspaper in a small town near not far from Reno. She’s one of the many people who returned to the town after university, preferring its pace to the noise and congestion of cities like Los Angeles.

Grace will tell you her home town is the perfect place for a woman to follow Calamity Jane’s directive “If a girl wants to be a legend, she should go ahead and be one.”

When a dazzling local heiress is killed, townspeople are shocked. It’s a seemingly random murder and puts the town on edge. Unfortunately for Grace, the police soon make discoveries that put her at the top of their suspect list. Grace launches an investigation, desperately working to find the killer before the police show up on her doorstep with an arrest warrant .

Failure to find the killer means Grace will be a legend alright. The first woman in the town to be convicted of murder. Grace suspects Calamity Jane would say “Even legends prefer fine dining to prison food, so git with it and save yer butt.”